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Retain Steering Wheel Controls
Keep your factory steering wheel controls with Metra's ASWC-1. Easy to install with an aftermarket radio, easy to program with our auto detect feature.
Replace Factory Radio
Remove that featureless factory radio and install an aftermarket radio with Axxess's radio replacement interfaces and harnesses.
Add Remote Start
Cut down in installation time with Axxess's remote start vehicle specific harnesses.
Add Cameras to Factory Radio
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding cameras to your existing factory screen.
Add Amp to Factory Radio
Get the sound quality you're looking for by adding aftermarket amplifiers to your factory radio with Axxess's Add-n-amp option.
Device Connection
Stay safe and connected while driving by installing an Axxess connectivity interface and mobility products.
Digital Signal Processor
Upgrade your sound, keep your factory radio and retain your functions with our versatile digital signal processor.
Add Navigation to Factory Radio
Add iGO Primo Navigation to your OEM radio! You can also add on a reverse camera, an HDMI input for smart device mirroring, and more.


AXXESS Update Descriptions

This is a list of current software updates that have been made to the Axxess line. Using the USB-CAB or USB-MINI-CAB you can update your product to the latest and greatest. Simply start the USB bootloader program and follow the instructions.

If you haven’t downloaded the Axxess PC App you can do so here.

NOTE: Not all products will need an update, but it only takes seconds to do and is recommended on every piece.

ASWC-1 Updates


  • Addressed orientation for ASWCSTALK
  • Added Slingshot SL
  • Added 2017 Focus SE with display
  • Modified Grand Cherokee code for On Hook message
  • Added 2014 Dual handlebar SWC buttons


  • Updated the actions on a Sony radio to handle the latest radio styles
  • Modified the 2014 Transit code
  • Updated new Nissan Titan 2017 to use new Bluetooth & Menu values


  • Added 2016 Honda Civic EX & 2017 Honda CRV EXL
  • 2014 Transit Connect
  • Modified Honda code


  • Added 2017 Chrysler Pacifica
  • Added 2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition
  • Added BT retention for the 2016 Civic
  • Added Mercedes Metris (Only VOL, Mute, PTT, On/Off Hook buttons available)
  • Sony radio :Added additional commands to the ASWC-1 protocol
  • Added 2015 Transit
  • Added 2015 Chrysler 200


  • Added update to adjust 98-13 Harley programming and wiring
  • Adjusted functionality when used with HYBL interfaces
  • Added BT retention for the 2016 Civic
  • Adjusted timing on select BMW vehicles


  • Added 2016 Maxima to auto detect
  • Added 2016 HRV


  • Added 2016 Kia Sorrento
  • Added Speed sense volume option


  • Adjusted CTS rotation Volume


  • Added the 2015 Legacy 2.5I Premium Subaru


  • Added 1992 Mazda 929
  • Added Older Opel & Holden
  • Added 2012 Subaru Legacy w/HK
  • Adjusted a Mercedes to not send SEEK to radio when in Benz Menu mode
  • Added 2002 Mazda Millennia
  • Added Lincoln Navigator (2006) with NAV & THX
  • Added PTT for Alpine radios
  • Added BT buttons to the Honda resistive cars
  • Added PTT and Hang Up to 2015 Maserati Grand Turismo
  • Added VW Tiguan
  • Added BT resistive buttons to Accord & Civic


  • Update to make ASWC-1 work with Axxess updater app
  • Added additional Clarion support
  • Reassigned auto detect to set phone buttons to hang up and pick up instead of preset
  • Added 2014 Harley Davidson


  • Added Xite radio type
  • Added radio type Parrot (Asteroid Smart and Tablet)
  • Added dual assignment feature


  • Added the new Eclipse radio type (AVN827GA)
  • Added car Mahindra Scorpio
  • Addressed reversed buttons on BMW 2006 3-Series
  • Added Volvo C70
  • Updated the 3-wire Toyota cars


  • Addresses Newer pioneer radios locking up when using the ASWC-1
  • Addresses menu mode in Sprinter vehicles.


  • Added 2012 VW Golf
  • Added 2001 Nissan Frontier


  • Added Metra OE to auto detect. Will be type 11
  • Added new Bluetooth programming for the ASWC allowing you to quickly set Bluetooth buttons
  • Added 2002 Peugeot
  • Added feature of programming old radio menu buttons on some of the newer Toyotas


  • Addressed cars randomly changing radio signals
  • Added Great Wall X200 car
  • Added 2011 Xtrail
  • Added 2012 Altima BT functions
  • Added 2011 CRZ BT functions
  • Added 1998- 2002 Crown Victoria


  • Added Kizaghi car type
  • Added Holden/Saturn/Opel Car type;
  • Added 2003 Mini-Cooper
  • Added Mini Cooper 2002-2006
  • Added Commodore VX car
  • Updated manual program issue not recognizing Volume Down


  • Added 2012 Fiat
  • Added 08-09 Pontiac G8


  • Adjusted time to enter remapping mode and manual radio type mode. Includes ASWCSTALK


  • Added additional Bluetooth functions for Clarion, Kenwood, and Alpine
  • Added the 2012 Civic for auto detect
  • Added 2007 Sprinter


  • Added additional Bluetooth functions for Sony, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine
  • Added manual radio set up on ASWC


  • Added Saab and Freestar to auto-detect protocol


  • Improved auto detect of Jensen radio
  • Added Additional BMW protocol


  • Add new Jensen radio
  • Adjusted protocol for Ssangyong vehicles


  • Improved radio detection
  • Updated 2011 F250/350 protocol


  • Added PTT/Onhook/Offhook to Subaru apps
  • Added Saab 9-5 apps
  • Added Older Pontiac apps
  • Updated Sony radio features
  • Updated Kenwood button assignment


  • Added Ford 2010 F250/350.
  • Added Clarion CZ500 auto-detection radio.
  • Added Land Rover 2005 & older.
  • Added Sang Young Car Type


  • Added SAAB application and new JVC HD radio


  • Added updated functionality for Pioneer AVIC
  • Added additional Eclipse radio applications


  • Improved functionality in the 2009 and 2010 Aveo
  • Added 2001 Frontier
  • Added Kia/Hyundai applications


  • Updated BMW protocol


  • Added additional Clarion and Kenwood radios
  • Added Sony controller
  • Improved 2010 Subaru functionality
  • Updated BMW ASWC memory
  • Added Valor auto detect


  • Revised remapping option of ASWC


  • Added 2010 Aveo; added preset ability to ASWC

Other Axxess Product Updates

99-5722, 99-5834, 99-5838, 99-5869, 99-5840, 99-5841, 99-5842, 99-5846, 99-5847, 99-5848, 99-6527, 99-6536, & 99-6537


  • 99-5851 Addressed Temp backwards in single zone 15-up Ford Edge


  • Added V.S.S. commands
  • Lowered sleep current
  • Added persistent storage of manual override settings of comfort options detection


  • Corrected negative ambient temperature showing in 10-14 Mustang/10-12 Taurus
  • Added clock setting for the 15-17 Fusion
  • Addressed defrosting side mirrors for 15-17 Fusion not turning on
  • Addressed not ignition on Taurus push to start vehicles
  • Added additional Ebrake message for 15-18 F150
  • Improved hard button detection for Chrysler family of vehicles
  • Added additional illumination message for 13-17 Ram


  • Added message to handle Remote start functions when using kit in Fords
  • Added messages for Rain Sensing Auto Wiper in Chryslers
  • Added additional SONY radio commands


  • Addressed Backup Sensors messages to Ram
  • Added Single Zone support for Ram
  • Amp turn on messaging for Chrysler Pacifica premium audio


  • Added heated steering wheel detection and control for current generation Ford F150, Fusion, & Mustang



  • Added code to handle Ford 500k vehicles better
  • Adressed RAP decoding for 11-14 Charger/300


  • Added Challenger 08 to 14
  • Added non-amplified Toyota applications
  • Split 300 and Charger years to 11-14 and 15-17
  • Added 2018 Wrangler
  • Kept DSP on for additional 2 seconds on shutdown to eliminate pop
  • Corrected 2018 Grand Cherokee chime locations
  • Added amplified and non-amplified Hyundai/KIA applications
  • Corrected turn tick cooling in GM non-amped applications


  • Addressed no signal from right front when low level is selected


  • Added gain to GMLAN29 BOSE application
  • Added heartbeat messages during remote start


  • Fixed Bluetooth connection after waking from sleep
  • Added Ford Speed volume compensation
  • Adjusted GM chimes so as to not get preempted by a lower priority chime
  • Adjusted some GM non amp cars chime cooling levels based on cars CAN messages

AX-with SWC Family


  • Added BT buttons to some cars in the Chrysler family;
  • Added additional Ebrake messages for the 2017 Fusion and F150
  • Added additional SWC messages for 2017 Fusion Platinum


  • Updated Toyota Fade commands
  • Added Sony radio protocols
  • Update Mazda detection messages
  • Added new Sony Amp commands to Ford protocol
  • Fixed Alpine radio Preset Up message
  • Updated & fine-tuned the 12V SWC recording for GM during the 5-button detection sequence.


  • Fixed Dodge Ram 2013 and up Ignition message
  • Addressed GMLAN11 bug when programming SWC resistive not getting stored properly
  • Added Seek UP/DOWN to Toyota protocol
  • Improved Pioneer Pullup Resistor detection formula


  • Modified the SWC commands for Pioneer & Sony radios
  • Added ability to modify/change the SWC & Radio from PC App/phone/tablet
  • Updated Lexus/Toyota AMP communication
  • Fixed a GM remapping issue for the SOURCE


  • XSV-9701-NAV Adjusted message for Slingshot motorcycle


  • 99-6525 Updated V.S.S. and amplifier turn on messages


  • 99-5843 Addressed Traction Control light blinking


  • 99-3010S Addressed chime/warning audio not working in some vehicles.


  • XSVI-6502-NAV &XSVI-6522-NAV Addressed sleep issue seen in some applications


  • AX-ADBOX2 Added additional Ebrake messages for the 2017 Fusion and F150
  • 99-3018 Updated CTS HVAC functionality


  • 99-7620, 99-7625, & 99-7627 Improved customization option detection to prevent option drop


  • 99-7804 Refined message handling for Lane Watch triggering with right turn signal


  • 99-7804 Addressed FWC warning not being able to be set properly


  • AX-ADBOX2 Updated Toyota Fade commands


  • GMOS-LAN-08 Added additional messages for the Chevy Trax


  • 99-7804 Addressed Backup View option not being retained


  • 99-7804 Changed how illumination is handled. Also added display brightness protocol for 2015 and up vehicles


  • GMOS-06 & GMOS-10 Updated code to handle Delco amplifiers better


  • XSVI-2004 Adjusted sleep wake up message


  • 99-6526 & 99-6538 Added heated & cooled seats and heated steering wheel and additional Personalization options.


  • GMOS-06 & GMOS-10 Updated code to address sleep issue


  • GMOS-06 & GMOS-10 Updated code to address sleep issue


  • AX-ADBOX2 Updated Lexus/Toyota AMP communication


  • BX-CH5, AX-ADBOX2 added additional protocols for Chrysler vehicles
  • 99-3018G improved auto detection of vehicle trims


  • 99-7804 added back up lines


  • HDCC-02 added additional reverse messages and added parking brake message
  • 99-7620, 99-7625, 99-7627 added missing customization items and adjusted outside temperature readings.


  • XSVI-6523-NAV added additional heartbeat messages for blinking odometer


  • HYBL-01, HYBL-02, HYBL-03, HYBL-04, HYBL-05 Adjusted functionality when used with ASWC-1


  • 99-6526 Added additional message to correct blinking odometer


  • HDCC-01 Adjusted communication protocol
  • 99-5823CH Adjusted contrast setting
  • 99-6514/6520 Addressed overlay issue
  • XSVI-6523-NAV Addressed Fiat 500L accessory problem


  • Addressed issue with clock resetting on 99-6514B/99-6520B
  • Added VW Fender support to the AX-ADBOX1/AX-ADBOX2
  • Added additional vehicles the AX-LCD
  • Addressed blinking Odometer issue on the XSVI-6523-NAV
  • Addressed glitch seen in some Toyotas & GM’s when using the AX-ADBOX1/AX-ADBOX2 and GMOS-LAN-012


  • Added dual assignment feature to the RFASWC
  • Addresses fan issues seen is some vehicles on the 99-7803G


    • Added Clarion BT buttons
    • Added radio manufacturers LG, Parrot, and Xite


  • Adjusted dampened temperature and fan response in auto mode on the 99-7803G


  • Added clock changing protocol to the 99-5830B


  • Added the data message to retain RSE in Chrysler for the XSVI-6522-NAV, CHTO-03 and CHTO-013
  • Addressed volume issue using OnStar on the GOMS-LAN-03 and GMOS-LAN-04


  • GMOS-LAN-03 & GMOS-LAN-04
    • Fixed OnStar turn by turn and illumination output.
  • CHTO-03 & CHTO-013
    • Added 2012 Patriot
    • addressed amp cutting out every 30 seconds
  • 99-7612
    • Added redetect feature for te SWC portion of the kit


  • 99-3010S Added Metra OE to auto detect. Will be type 11
  • Added Metra OE to auto detect. Will be type 11


  • Added turn signal ticks in 2012 Express Vans


  • Added Metra OE to auto detect in the FRST


  • Addresses fading issue in digital amplified vehicles on the GMOS-100.


  • MZTO-01 Added A/C retention for the 2011 CX-9
  • GMOS-01- GMOS-05, GMOS-07 Added addition chimes to the protocol
  • GMOS-044 Added additional chimes and addresses sleep issue when door was opened


  • Addressed vehicle switching back to U.S. measurements from metric on the FRST
  • Fixed no sound from OnStar in some amplified vehicles on the GMOS-014


  • Addressed fading issue in the CHTO-01, CHTO-03, and CHTO-013
  • Fixed temperature missing middle digit on the 99-5823CH and 99-5721
  • Adjusted programming in the 99-5825 dash kit to accommodate lower trim packages.


  • Addressed random ignition lose in the 99-3303
  • Improved reverse chimes on the GMOS-100, 99-3307G, 99-3010S, GMOS-LAN-012, GMOS-LAN-034, GMOS-LAN-01, GMOS-LAN-02, GMOS-LAN-03, GMOS-LAN-04, and GMOS-044
  • Addressed current draw issue on the GMOS-044 and 99-3307G
  • Added Bluetooth protocol for Pioneer, Jensen, Sony, Clarion, Alpine, and Kenwood on the GMOS-100, 99-3010S


  • Added cooled seat feature to the 99-5721CH


  • Update to GMOS-06 addressing the scratch chimes found in some vehicles.


  • Update to fix accessory dropping out on the GMOS-LAN-01 & GMOS-LAN-02


  • Update to improve car detection on the CHTO-01, CHTO-03, and CHTO-013


  • Update to GMOS-1, GMOS-04, GMOS-05, GMOS-07, GMOS-08, and GMOS-09 to address data collision when using Express kit.


  • Update to GMOS-100 to improve Kenwood SWC detection


  • Update to fix temp display on the 99-3010S


  • Updated amplifier sense in the GMOS-100 and 99-3010S


  • Updates GMOS-100 interface to retain RSE in CLASS II vehicles. Also update to improve the digital amp response in CLASS II vehicles.


  • Add update for the 99-5721 and 99-5823CH to retain dual zone A/C


  • Added ability to retain OE BT control; Added Sony power button, Kenwood & Pioneer PTT features to SWCportion


  • Update to improve vehicle interfacing for CHTO-01, CHTO-03, and CHTO-03


  • Updated communication protocol in the GMOS-13